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We're parents too

As parents we were concerned that our own kids weren’t getting the coding skills they need to keep up with the
21st century. We want all kids to have a fun way to prepare for the future and learn computer science.

We love technology.

Our instructors include teachers, grad students, engineers and about artists - but the one thing we all have in common is our passion for helping kids, and sharing the power of technology. We believe in empowering students through technical education.

We want to inspire confidence.

Today’s top innovators all seem to have the same story, someone or an event ignited their passion for learning. Our goal is to provide an environment where kids are excited to explore, succeed and make mistakes as a normal part of learning.

We want to help children reach their potential.

So that's all about why we started Level UP.

The Future of Work has Changed.

Millions of jobs that existed for previous generations have been lost to automation, downsizing and globalization.

Traditional Education Isn't Keeping Up

To succeed in today’s knowledge economy, our children need STEM skills:Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

There are incredible opportunities for youth with STEM skills.

Level Up Is
The Most Complete Learning System From K-Careers


The Nation's best STEM programs. Designed to give your child the skills and confidence they need. Using the same programs the pros use.


Offering K-12 Virtual Classes, over 500 electives and, an online Accredited High School. We ensure that students have access to all courses


AP Classes, NCAA approved courses, SAT&ACT test prep. College Admissions Counselling, document editing, travel services


14 Career-Readiness pathways alligned to the most popular careers. We also offer a wide-range of certified college courses

The Level UP Advantage

Level UP Advantage

The Level UP Advantage

Initial Assessment Assess Student’s Interest and Skill Levels
Customized Learning Path Curiosity and desire to achieve motivate learners. Project-Based Learning Students complete projects, courses, and challenges.
Unlock new Levels

Customized Learning Path

Customized Learning

Level UP Learning combines the benefits of a traditional school with the flexibility and personalization of STEAM classes. Students and parents can select a fully customized learning path, based on their goals and the child's interest. Students can move between multiple disciplines.

Career Focused

Career Prep

Level UP Learning is our long-term skill development system designed to provide students with the academic, technical and professional skills required for the 21st Century. We offer hundreds of high school electives and career certification.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible Scheduling

Level UP offers flexible membership based pricing that works around your schedule. We offer flexible drop in hours and regularly scheduled class times.

Affordable Programs

Affordable Options

Level Up offers programs that are affordable for every budget, and we offer flexible payment options to meet your needs.

Virtual School

Online Education

• Home Schooling Curriculum • College and Career Readiness • Career and Technical Education • Career Pathways and Certified Programs • Summer School • Adult Education • NCAA Accreditation • Employability Skills & 21st Century Skills
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